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A Little About Us

Hi, we are Can Bonim, a digital-interactive-all-other-synonymous-for-folks-who-use-computers-in-very-cool-ways-for-a-living company.

The first Can Bonim project came to life in 2010. Since then, we've been working hard to spread the word that we are a hard working, idea creating, copy writing, web designing, apps programming, fun loving company.

Our services are mostly online oriented, but we also do projects outside the digital world, such as prints & video productions. we know that we don't know everything - that's why we'll never limit our work capabilities - we need to always learn, study and understand.

Our only policy is: If it's right for you, we will make it happen.

Just some random quotes that inspire us

"I think it's ridiculous to call yourself a social media expert"
Anonymous social media expert
"Look! a new platform! I shall call it 'New Media'! Now that's innovative!"
A 90's advertiser
"We do a lot of things, so why not call it a 360 degrees service?! Brilliant!"
a one-stop-shop company
"Wow! Great job guys!"
Our clients


We are one of those fortunate people who love to get up in the morning and go to work. well, maybe it's because our work, besides being awesome, isn't limited to only one field, so every project could be entirly new & different from the previous one!

You can check our primary services down below, but rest assure we have many others.
We just don't want you to scroll down for hours.

Digital work

Custom made websites
Minisites, landing pages
Mobile & tablet applications
Social applications
UI & UX characterization
Branded online games

Strategy & Marketing

Strategic research
Target audience profiling
Branding & design
Online & offline campaigns
Banners & advertisements
Video productions

Social Media

Social platforms management
Brand monitoring & protection
Cross-platforms campaigns
Business profile networking
Viral campaigns
Social marketing lectures

Idea Development

Got a revolutionary idea?
Don't know where to start?

Whether it's a website, game, mobile app, service or product -
we are here to help you make your idea come to life.

All of our services come with our very own unique, precise, mind-blowing creative ideas.
You can come with an idea of your own, brainstorming's one of our favorite things!


Contact us. you know you want to